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Welcome to our product section. This section is currently under construction for E-commerce sales. Meanwhile, we will be adding pictures of products and providing our philosphy for each category.

Our products are carefully selected for durability, uniqueness and quality. All are analyzed and tested. However, there are a few more factors that we consider when choosing our products.

We strive to buy locally from local desingers and manufacturers. Then we expand our search nationally then internationally. Most of our products are made in the United States, Canada and South America (known for its organic farms). As our ecommerce is built, we will be indicating all the products which are U.S. made and eco-friendly.

We then analyze the practicality and safety of each product because your furry kids' health and well-being is our first priority. We avoid all animal and plant byproducts in our foods and treats, and analyze ingredient lists with scrutiny. We then interview manufacturers and ask very specific questions regarding sourcing of materials, reasoning behind specific ingredients used and manufacturing practices. If we don't carry specific products, we have good reason. We also look at each company's business practices, avoiding those with exclusivity clauses for distribution, pyramid marketing or do not consistantly stand behind their product's quality.

Being green is important to us. More products are becoming available and as we find them we add them to our product spread for you. We live by our beliefs. For example, when you visit our store, we use post-consumer recyclable bags. At home, we not only recycle, but even cloth diaper our human children and eat organic foods.