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Since 2005, Wigglyville has been providing leading products and health information in its Chicago neighborhood. Our mission is unwavering. We remain extremely selective about the products we sell, choosing quality for the health of your furry kid, sturdiness for longevity of use, and eco-friendly to sustain world resources. All of our products are selected with one thing in mind; integrating our furry kids into a positive lifestyle which promotes their health and well-being.

Health starts with sound nutrition. Our foods are purchased from small independent companies that believe in using quality ingredients, natural preservatives and minimal processing avoiding artificial additives, flavorings, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives. Our other products are purchased locally and world wide from companies that strive to provide durability and interactivity to promote enjoyable play and rest.

The state of well being is ongoing. We are the steward to your furry kids and therefore we invest heavily provide a team that is profession and provides top noch customer care and product knowledge. We sell products that we believe in and thoroughly test.

Without a healthy planet, we cannot provide a continued healthy future. Like the founders of Wigglyville, we live by what we believe in. We support organic farming and recycled materials. Locally, we encourage recycling with our recycled bag program. We offer biodegradable options for waste management. Most importantly, we promote and support adopting through shelters and rescue groups to provide the ever growing furry homeless a richer life.

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