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People assume we named our company after an area in Chicago where are store is located. We fooled you.

One night, we sat down with a good friend and came up with name lists and concepts describing the fun, energetic movement dogs and cats make when they are happy and combined it with the idea of community; thus the ville at the end. We sent this name with other prototype names to even more friends for their opinion. Wigglyville won the competition hands down.

Thus our name represents our philosophy. That philosophy is about promoting the community that surrounds all of us with furry kids and the energy, joy and love that our furry kids exuberate. But if you really want to get technical, the dictionary definitions completely sum it all up.

wiggly (adjective of the word Wiggle)
Derived from the verb wiggle v. To move, twist or proceed with short irregular motions from side to side. To cause to move in a fashion: wiggle one’s toes. The act of wiggling; a wiggling movement or course.
The American Heritage Dictionary

ville (noun suffix)
-ville, suffix occurring in names of towns, from French, from Old French, from ville village
Merriam-Webster Dictionary