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Our village is always expanding. We have all decided that they have chosen us and realize that we truly are the lucky ones. They have all joined forces to let us know what products they approve and disapprove of as well as making guest appearnces in the store.

Hollus and Travis' Family

Sprite (1992-2005)
Sprite was found in late spring of 1992 abandoned by his mother in Hollus' backyard in Hoboken, NJ. He was one week old and weight 3.5 oz. Hollus was able to successfully hand rear him which took constant monitoring and care considering the odds of him living where extremely slim. Sprite came to work with Hollus every day for 3 months and lived in her drawer at a big office in Manhatten. His name was given to him by his fan club there. He has always had health issues and deformities but was the sweetest natured furry kid. We greatly miss him.



Puk (1992-2007)
Four months after finding Sprite, Puk was adopted from the ASPCA in New York City to be a companion for Sprite. During the adoption, the sign on his kennel female. He could not be adopted if Hollus already had an intact male cat in the house. Luckily, her good friend who came along, kept saying she thought th cat was a boy not a girl. Hollus and her friend made the ASPCA representative double check the cat's gender, and her friend was right. Puk was confirmed to be a boy. From the minute he jumped into hollus' arms he purred, and she knew he was meant to be with her. Puk was named after a character from a Shakespeare Play.



Reilly (Born May, 1995)
Reilly was one of three, six-week old Labrador Retriever puppies that survived a drowning attempt by a farmer in Illinois. Before shooting the remaining puppies at a nearby campground, the farmer asked friends of Hollus' family if they would like the puppies. They felt they could not refuse. The family friends had heard Hollus was thinking of adopting a dog after moving back to Chicago and quickly called her. Reilly was immediately taken into hollus' home, and he has been her best friend ever since.



Cleo (Born July, 2001)
Cleo was a rescue while working at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services. She came in almost dead and was only 5 weeks old. Hollus instantly fell in love when one of her fellow vet techs called her over to the table to watch her head-butt the hand that was extended toward her. Who could resist that? She is definitely a sassy calico when she wants to be and holds her own with our newer additions to the family who tend to be a bit rambunctious. She use to be best friends with Sprite but now is romanced by our Bengal, Braith.



Braith (March 31, 2006)
Hollus was first introduced to Bengals 10 years ago from a friend who had adopted two F2 generations from a friend of the family who was doing research on the breed at Michigan State University Veterinary School. Hollus has been fascinated with Bengals ever since and Travis caught the fever. Ironically, Hollus and Travis where planning on adopting a Bengal with a medical condition from an Illinois breeder, but at the time were afraid their elderly, ill cat, Puk, would catch something. All said and done, their hearts melted with 8 litters of hopping kittens arching their backs and swaging back and forth. They caved and got Braith, named after the Welch word meaning speckled. Please note that Hollus and Travis do notrecommend Bengals for everybody. The breed can be difficult with litter box training and some have behavioral issues. Hollus has worked hard handling Braith a lot and their family has been lucky with his disposition.


Ralph (born 1999, In loving memory of Kendrick)
The original owner of Ralph died suddenly from a long established health issue in September, 2005. Hollus worked with Kendrick at the Chicago Veterinarian Emergency Services, and as soon as Hollus found out she asked if their where any furry kids that needed a home. Ralph came to Hollus and Travis as a male. After her initial vet exam and DNA test, Hollus and Travis discovered that Ralph is in-fact a female, and has since been gender re-assigned. Since she likes "Ralph", everybody decided to let her keep her original name.

Ralph is a Maximillian Pionus which originate from Northeast Brazil. They mainly live in forest and terrain with trees of tropical zone to 600 m (2,000 ft), occasionally up to 5,000 ft; only sighted in open country and cultivated areas when foraging; preferring dry weather. Their average life expectancy is 25 years. Maxi's love to hang upside down and perform bungee jumps from ropes. They are sweet and mischievous.


Cloe (Born November, 2007)
Hollus and Travis stopped for gas at exit 300 in Nebraska as they drove home from Colorado after visiting family for the winter holidays. Little did they expect to see a small, feral cat colony. Travis was able to feed two kittens and one let him scoop it up. Cloe was quickly de-wormed (she wound up with round-worms, whip worms and hook worms which humans can catch) and spayed. She has settled in nicely. Braith has fallen head-over-heels for her and constantly plays with her. Although she is still shy of strangers, with Hollus and Travis she purrs constantly and always is eager for attention. Her name is the reverse of Cleo in honor of her poor, broken-tailed feral calico mother.